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My name is Christine Briggs and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to:

................... MY DAD ... Stan Briggs

After years of listening to times gone by, reminiscing of 'the good old days' I still find it absolutely amazing that Dad can still tell me something I haven't heard about before, be it something from my childhood that I simply don’t remember, something from his own childhood or other events that happened way before I was even a twinkle in my dad’s eye! 

  stanley briggs

Dad is a true Yorkshire man, born and
brought up there and very proud of it too. He may have endured a truly humble and hard start in life, being taken into care in Carleton Children’s Homes at the tender age of just 4 years old, something that could have left him scarred and easily held him back in life.  But this wasn’t how my dad saw it to be, since that time he has fought to make the best of everything he can, he has never been the ‘work shy’ type and can’t understand anyone who is.  He and my mum together strived to make the best out of everything they could, and between them they created the most wonderful home a child could ever be brought up in …… a far cry from what dad had when he was a kid! He is always coming up with a new project, or a new challenge.

Now without being rude and noting the fact that at 86 years of age (76 when I launched this websie) he still has more stamina then me, as the years pass by there are times when the hard graft of building garages, fencing, building gates and archways, home improving, keeping the garden immaculate, not to mention helping out my two brothers and myself with anything and everything that ever needs doing, sometimes it can all get a bit too much and occasionally he fits in time for turning his attention to other things a little less strenuous.  Being an avid reader of all things informative, he discovered 'The Digest' Magazine', Maurice Haigh, one of Dad’s good friends collated information for ‘The Digest’ and Maurice has encouraged my Dad to write into The Digest with a few stories of his own, this he duly did and the response he has had from it has encouraged him more to carry on writing down his memories.

Dad has been retired for quite some time now, but never has there been a harder man to keep down.  Sitting back with his feet up and just letting old age take over is not an option for my dad, there are still not enough hours in a day, days in a week or weeks in a year for him to get all the things done that he has planned.

stanley briggs
Mum and Dad are truly a fantastic team who's lives have been greatly enhanced simply by meeting each other.

They complement each other perfectly and I know I speak for my brothers Barry, Tony and myself when I say that we are forever grateful to have had two such wonderful parents, are so very proud to be their children, and to carry the 'Briggs' name.

................. . . . Christine Duggan (nee Briggs)


As his daughter and biggest fan, I too relish this new found hobby of his as I can not only learn more for myself about his days as a lad, growing up, time in the army and meeting my gorgeous mother Dorothy, but I can also keep a record of it all, and share it with my own two sons and 'you' too.

I certainly hope you enjoy reading the following pages as much as I have enjoyed putting this tribute together. not only to my Dad, but also to my mum,

Dorothy Briggs (nee Berry) the wonderful woman who has been right behind my dad from their early teenage days of being his friend, then pen pal whilst he was conscripted into the army and stationed in Egypt, then later becoming his wife and mother to his three children.

stan and dot