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Friends reunited after 70 years

by Stan Briggs

When I first submitted articles for The Pontefract Digest, I would never have thought that it would lead me to some of the things that it has.  I have enjoyed many hours of reading other peoples articles, writing my own articles and even inspired members of my family to get involved. But imagine my surprise one day when my phone rang and at the other end was an old School friend who I hadn’t seen in 70 years. 

stan briggs and cliffe lambert

Here, pictured on the left of myself is Cliffe Lambert. Cliffe was one of my old school friends from when I attended Carleton School in 1936. I was living in Carleton Homes at the time and Cliffe lived in the village there, we met on the first day of school and we shared a desk in Miss Hanson’s class, and although we were very good friends, in all the years that have passed, we have never met  since  …  until now !

It turns out that like myself, Cliffe is a keen reader of ‘The Digest’, and after reading issues 21 & 22 of The Pontefract Digest where I had submitted articles of my time in Carleton Homes and my school days in Carleton, he quickly realised that I was his school friend from all those years ago and immediately got in touch. Within a couple of weeks of that first contact Cliffe and I were re-united once again, and have enjoyed many hours on reminiscing.



Apart from talking about all that we had done over the years we also spoke about what we like to do now, and one of Cliffe’s pleasure’s is writing poems, and he has enjoyed seeing many of them in print in ‘The Dalesman Magazine’.

I have attached one of Cliff’s poems that I particularly enjoyed reading and thought the ‘Digest’ readers would also enjoy, but before you read on, I would like to also take this opportunity of thanking all involved with ‘The Digest Magazine’ for giving myself and probably many like me the chance to read, write, reminisce and even meet up with long lost friends … thankyou.

............................................................................................ . . Stan Briggs